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Amenities And Features To Look Out For When Buying A Home

Anyone who thinks of owning a home someday have their eyes set on certain features that they aren’t willing to do away with, at any cost. So, when they actually set out looking for a home they’d like to buy, these amenities and features are at the top of their checklist. After all, it is not every day that you think of buying a home for yourself.Pleasantly, Pune is a city where you will find all sorts of housing projects from luxury to affordable, and most of them in tandem with what you’re looking for in a home such as Puneville by Pharande Spaces which houses 2 BHK luxury flats in Punawale, Pune. So, what are these features and amenities that people look out for when buying a home? Let’s find out and also understand why they should be on your checklist as well.

Finishes & Materials

Before you check the finer details in your new home, understand your price range so you can demand or expect accordingly. If you are going for a rather less expensive home, you can expect your new home to have vinyl flooring, and even lower end carpeting with possibly plastic laminated counters in the kitchen and bathrooms. If you are going for luxury homes, you will find a more fine finishing in tiles and wood. Furthermore, even kitchen tops would be made of more refined surfaces of granite and marble. Therefore, knowing what to expect in your price range will help you determine if the home you’re looking at is the right deal or not.

Ceilings & Walls

Structural damage can be easily identified from water spots and leaks or cracks. So, when you go look at your possible new home, make sure to pay attention to these pain points in the drywall, wall surfaces and the columns for any warning signs.


Knowing whether your house is well-built is surely important but finding safety and solace in your new home is equally important. Therefore, the location of your home and how close it is to the social amenities of the city should be considered too. If you have children, find out where the best schools are, the travel time from work to home and basically how your neighbourhood is, so you don’t get a shocker later when you actually start living at your new home. Make sure your home and your neighbourhood feel equally comfortable before making the purchase.

Major Systems

Although you might not need to check out the heating systems or the cooling systems in the house such as water heater or air conditioner, initially; it’s always good to make sure they are intact and working in case you are buying a home that comes with these features and amenities at the time of purchase. Unless you find your ideal home, you may not need to look at these amenities but keep them added to your checklist just so you do not forget later on.

Standard Amenities Vs. Upgrades

When you go to check out a sample flat, you will find that it has a few upgrades than the standard amenities that are being offered otherwise. So, before you make the payment, make sure you know what you’re getting at the price you’re paying. In case you wish for more upgrades, you might have to shell out more money. So, keep your budget mapped out first so you know how much of an upgrade you can actually go for when you finally buy the home.

Buying a new home can be both exciting as well as nerve-wrecking. But when you do find the right home, the wait and the struggle will all be worth it and it is the best investment you will ever make. Just know and understand what you’re looking for in a home in terms of amenities and features and you will be good to do. Puneville by Pharande Spaces is a great project that comes with some outstanding features, and if a luxury home in Pune is what you are interested in, this will be a great buy. So, explore the project for more!