Sustainable living

Pre-certified by GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) with
a 4-star rating, Puneville will astound you with its
green features and benefits.

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Advantages Title 1

  • Save 5 to 10% on property tax.
  • Installation of Solar PV system with capacity 100kW which Save up to Rs. 70,000/- per month on energy costs.
  • 100% LED outdoor and common indoor lighting. In addition, timer based on-off controls for outdoor lighting to ensure energy savings by 10-15%.
  • Provision of solar water heating system for each flat catering to a demand of 25 litres per person which Save Rs. 8000/- per year on water heating.

Advantages Title 2

  • Provision of energy efficient transformer, pumps and motors, which will further reduce running costs of energy consumption by 10%.
  • Reduce consumption of potable water by 40%.
  • Low flow water fixtures and dual flushing system for entire water fixtures in the project, which will consume 50% less water as compared to a conventional project.
  • Property tax rebate to each tenant of 5 to 10%.
  • Use of low VOC paints, polishes and adhesives for interior to avoid health issues and to achieve healthy indoors.

Advantages Title 3

  • Fenestration design (window and door openings) allow optimum daylight, which will reduce energy consumption for artificial lighting and air conditioning during daytime.
  • Tobacco-free common areas.
  • Waste segregation facility at source. Tenants will be able to recover manure generated from the waste.